Growth in Africa requires a combination of access to finance, consumer markets, best practices, technology and collaborative stakeholders. Acorus is a partner to guide you through all these challenging aspects to achieve commercial and reputational access. Our highly experienced team members provide innovative solutions to capitalize on organic and strategic growth opportunities.

Capital Raising


Trade Financing




Acorus has a network of professional and institutional investors who are interested in investing in best in class African companies. Acorus can assist you in identifying the best structure to maximize the value of capital raise as well as provide valuation analysis, preparation of investment materials and financial models.

Acorus provides buy or sell side advice in relation to African M&A opportunities. We have the insight and experience to guide you through each stage of the process, identifying key risks, valuation, structuring and negotiation considerations.

Acorus works with our clients to assess the best debt or trade financing requirements and has strong relationships with development and trade financing banks.

Our local team of experts are well positioned to guide our clients looking to participate in public private partnerships with an Asia-Africa link.

Acorus offers both our African and Asian clients the opportunity to improve their understanding of the respective business cultures when entering into new ventures to avoid costly misunderstandings. Acorus also provides access to best in class tax, trade tariff and repatriation advisors.

Acorus provides expert opinion related to the real economy and markets in Africa condensed from large volumes of data into relevant and targeted reports enabling you to improve your outlook, forecasts and business decisions.